Coders' Guidebook

Colour picker and table

Colour is vital to making attractive websites and application. This tutorial will explore the two main ways for selecting and using colours in your code.

Colour picker and HEX values

Every colour is associated with a reference value. There are several ways of displaying these values but one of the most common is the hexadecimal (HEX) format.

You can use the below colour picker to find out what the HEX value is for any given colour:

HEX values can be used to style elements in CSS. For example, if you wanted to change the colour of the links and paragraph text on your website then you could use the following CSS code:

a {
    color: #2cc73e;

Colour table and CSS colour names

Using specific colour values is beneficial if you have a specific shade in mind; however, if you intend to use a more common colour then you may prefer to use its name instead. Below is a full table of the colours you can refer to by name:

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